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2021 World Road Championships: Flandrien Circuit

↑ 0251-0500m

The 2021 World Championships in Belgium consists of essentially four parts: a run-in, a Leuven loop ridden seven times (plus two half-laps), an out-and-back to the Flandrien loop, and the Flandrien Loop (ridden twice, with an added two times of up the Smeysberg). This is the 21 km Flandrien circuit, with 5 steep climbs per lap, the steepest the Moskesstraat which comes first. The Start/finish banner comes soon after the Smeysberg, not far before the world championships exit the loop to return to Leuven. Another highlight of the actual race is the Bekestraat climb, a narrow, straight, cobbled ascent which is 3rd here, although due to the limitations of the source data the gradient here may be slightly more consistent than in real life. Although the championships finish on the Leuven circuit (and for the juniors, that serves as the entire course), the climbs here are the highlight of the professional races.
Download file: 2021WorldChampionshipFlandrienCircuit_v1.gpx

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  1. Daniel Connelly

    This was a lot of fun to race against bots (with the Euro skin, obviously). The route really highlights how incredibly strong the pros are, as these climbs are tough. There’s no anomalies, but there’s two issues. One is some of the climbs are cobbled, and Magic Roads doesn’t model the effect of this on rolling resistance, or allow them to to be tagged as cobbled. The other is that some of the peak grades don’t quite match the official numbers: these Flemish climbs tend to have gradients which change rapidly, hitting the max value for only a few meters, and here some of those fine details which are felt in the legs are lost. But it would be a lot of fun to race this.

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