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2021 World Road Championships: Leuven Circuit

↑ 0000-0250m

The 2021 World Championships in Belgium consists of essentially four parts: a run-in, a Leuven loop ridden seven times (plus two half-laps), an out-and-back to the Flandrien loop, and the Flandrien Loop (ridden twice, with an added two times of up the Smeysberg). This is the 15.6 km Leuven Circuit, ridden before and after each Flandrien loop, and where the finish line is located. It’s also the complete race for the juniors. It’s not as challenging as the Flandrien Circuit, and its five prominent climbs are each relatively short. The final two each gain less than 20 meters: St. Antoniusberg at 1.5 km to go and then Aankomst at the finish, but will likely determine the winner.
Download file: 2021WorldChampionshipLeuvenCircuit_v1.gpx

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3 reviews for 2021 World Road Championships: Leuven Circuit

  1. Daniel Connelly

    This is the finish circuit for the world championships, so has a lot of historical interest. The corners and gradients are smooth and without anomaly, and there’s a few interesting bits like the hairpin left @ 10 km and where the courses approach in the city center square @ 2 km. But I consider the Flandrien loop from worlds more interesting: too bad the actual race is not finishing there.

  2. R. Merro’54

    This is an awesome circuit, I rode it easy to take in as I’d like to use in my race series promotion. Well done to the creator, this magic Road is worthy of being a real road on RGT with all the Belgian city & rural architecture to adorn it. The smoothing out is flawless and I’m keen to have a more energetic ride on it as it looks quite testing.

  3. Daniel Connelly

    R. Merro’54 was prescient in that RGT came out with a Real Road of this exact course! So there’s no longer a need for this MagicRoad.

    But note there’s a related Magic Road, of the Flandrien circuit, which RGT did not create, posted here.

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