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Al Qudra Cycle Track

↑ 0000-0250m

Al Qudra Bike Track is part of the Dubai Bicycle Master Plan that aims to roll out 850km of strategic bikeways in the coming years. This 85km section of the track starts and ends close to the close to the TREK Bicycle track at Al Qudra and follows the Spinneys 92km Build Up Ride route plan for 2021. Except for a few minor bumps, the cycle path is pretty much flat all the way. In real life, the scenic desert sands flanking both sides of the track make it one of the unique places to ride a bike. Drop a comment about how you like the route! Creators : Ron George & Dan Connelly
Download file: BUR4_85k.gpx

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3 reviews for Al Qudra Cycle Track

  1. Steve Date

    Lovely ride! Nice fast rolling course. Magic road no jumping or glitches. Managed just over half the course, before lunch was ready, but a good blast nonetheless.

  2. Barra

    Yep nicely made route, all the way to the end, very enjoyable.

  3. Phil

    Nice flat route. No glitchs (in the first 60km at least)

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