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↑ 0501-0750m

The longest hill climb on the mainland of the UK, found in Western Scotland. 9.2km long with 608m of elevation gain. The route includes the descent to Applecross.
Download file: 1599332197-Bealach-Na-Ba-69-smoothed-1.gpx

3 reviews for Bealach-na-Ba

  1. Stephen Gunn

    A very nice route, kudos to whoever uploaded it. However, the elevation desperately needs some smoothing – there are numerous transitions of, say, 5% to 15% and back again in the space of a few metres, really breaks up your rhythm!

  2. Andrew Freston

    Loved this ride

  3. Nick Edelsten

    A ride I have always wanted to do, and this virtual version didn’t disappoint. Nice job. As per other comments, just needs a bit of gradient smoothing in the early stages and road alignment near the top. If you can sort that it is at least 4 star ride

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