Cippo Carpegna

↑ 0501-0750m

This magic road was created for the Mountain Goats race series which takes place on Wednesdays at 6pm. . It was the second of a series of Italian climbs. The Cippo Carpegna, located in the Apennines, was a regular training ride of Marco Pantani and it isn’t far from his home town of Cesenatico on the Adriatic coast. It is short but very steep. It averages 10% over the course of 6.1km and maxes out at 16.6% – aside from some flatter sections at 2km and the last 500m it rarely dips below 9%. . Here is the link to the Veloviewer profile: . Every effort has been made to make the magic road as representative of the real road as it is possible to be. In the race itself there was a slight issue with the final hairpin at 800m to go. This wasn’t present in a test ride and I’ve also checked the gpx on gpsprune and gpxmagic and it seems as though it should be ok. The rest of the road seemed perfect in the race. Let me know how it was for you and any feedback would be appreciated. Enjoy!
Download file: CippoCarpegnaFinal.gpx

Original code: RgNv42CSdTKJ


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