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Flèche-Wallonne 2021 finishing circuit

↑ 0501-0750m

This is the finishing circuit of the 2020-2021 Belgian Flèche Wallonne Classic, perhaps the most intense final kilometer in professional racing, with the feared Mur de Huy. After a long run-in the men completed 2.25 laps of this circuit, climbing the Mur 3 times, and the Côte d’Ereffe and the Côte du chemin des Gueuses twice each, while the women did 1.25 laps, with two ascents of the Mur. This is a circuit, so for the true Flèche experience, two laps and 100% trainer resistance are recommended! But the Mur just the final test: this route is rarely flat over its 31.6 km. Note this is the second version uploaded here — it has multiple improvements, including a more precise finish line placement, and more accurate gradients in the final 350 meters.
Download file: FlecheWallonneCircuit_v5.gpx

Original code: 4CHg7o107cuA

2 reviews for Flèche-Wallonne 2021 finishing circuit

  1. Daniel Connelly

    I love this race, and I feel as if Magic Roads did an excellent job of giving me an appreciation for just how hard the pro race is, and also how remarkable that such a big group survives to the base of the Mur de Huy each year. The Mur itself is interesting: it starts at around 1200 meters to go, with a 9% sign showing a fairly steep climb, but in the early meters the grade is only occasionally that steep. But at 450 meters to go the pain really begins, and after surviving the 21-22% section, it only marginally flattens, holding around 17% until to finally relenting a bit more for the sprint to the banner. The turns here are all smooth (there’s a double switchback which is tricky — the first is very tight, but the steep second switchback is good here) and there’s no gradient anomalies I could detect. I’d love to host a race here.

  2. Ben

    Nice route. The finishing climb is brutal

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