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Fleche Wallonne Final – fixed

↑ 0501-0750m

Final 29km of the Fleche Wallonne, ending on the Mur de Huy. I only fixed the file that was already on there. Here’s a video if you want to look at the magic road : -fds
Download file: Fleche-Wallonnes-finale.gpx

Original code: SQaHuB7bQiQW

1 review for Fleche Wallonne Final – fixed

  1. Daniel Connelly

    I love Fleche-Wallone. The YouTube video of the RGT on this course is recommended — a very exciting finish. The route appears fairly well built, but two comments. One is it appears to be the 2019 course: the 2020-2021 circuit differs somewhat, with more climbing prior to Mur de Huy. The second is the finish line here appears to my eye to be too early — RGT reserves 140 meters at the end of point-to-point courses for riders to group, and the course here seems to end at the actual finish line, so the RGT banner is too soon. Nevertheless, it’s a nice MagicRoad, and I’m sorry I missed that race in February.

    I’ll have a version of the 2021 circuit posted here as soon as I can test ride it.

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