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Giro dell’ Emilia (piccolo)

↑ 0501-0750m

This is a shortened version of the under-rated Italian classic, Giro dell’ Emilia, which for the professional men is a 200 km road race ending with a brutal 5 ascents of the steep San Luca climb in Bologna, a climb made even more famous as the highlight of the opening time trial in the 2019 Giro d’Italia. The real life climb follows the 2 km long piazza to the Sanctuary of the Madonna, with gradients up to 18%, in the “Marco Pantani Corner”, 900 meters from the base. From there it’s serious crunch-time, until the most sever grades relent 600 meters from the top. This version is mercifully shorter, but still a challenge: 50 km starting with 1.7 laps of a circuit around Pianoro, south of Bologna. A roundabout marks the northernmost extend of that loop: the first time you exit at 270 degrees to remain in the circuit, and the second time at 180 degrees, to the continue north. 8.2 km further, a sharp left means you’re only 1.6 km from the San Luca climb. The 2 km climb itself is hard enough, but there’s an under-rated 700 meter climb following which shouldn’t be ignored, and then the twisting descent back to Bologna, including one particularly sharp left not long after that second peak. When you finally make the sharp left back onto the flatter streets of urban Bologna, there’s only a few hundred meters of flat before the second and final climb to the Sanctuary. From the top, it’s only 100 meters to the finish banner (which is perhaps 20 meters earlier than the actual finish, but these things are hard to get perfect in RGT).
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  1. Daniel Connelly

    This route had a much better feel than the Zwift option for the road racing up San Luca, which is out-and-back on the time trial route. If you’re not familiar with the race, GCN has extended coverage of the 2019 race on YouTube, with all 5 repeats of the San Luca climb, and 4 times on the descent. Everything here is smooth except that sharp left on the descent, where the issue is the RGT road is wider than the actual road. The gradients here on the San Luca climb are a bit more variable than the Zwift version, which I think are slightly over-smoothed: Zwift hits only 17% once, while this route hit 18% several times, including in the Pantani corner. RGT has a bug on routes like this which repeat portions of roadway, and the scenery changes each time through, for example, most notably, km markers, the km to go banner, or the finish banner, and on the round-about where you pass twice, the alternate direction isn’t even modeled. But there’s no issue telling where you are on the course, the the circuit at the end is very challenging.

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