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#huwpower Minging 10(ish) mile TT route

↑ 0000-0250m

I test of a 10 mile (well just a little short) TT route. It starts at the Crecent in Orpington near Orpington Hospital. It goes along Shire Lane and then up to Downe via High Elms Road and this is where the climbs start. Once at Downe you drop down the valley past Christmas Tree Farm and straight back up the steep other side to Cudham Lane. Then straight down New Barn Lane and climb back up the other side. A bit of respite down Berry’s Green Road and back to the bottom of the valley via Berry’s Hill with a sting in the tale up Church Hill. Turn left back on to Cudham Lane and then hammer it down to the Roae & Crown. Finishing up along the Green to the Crescent to finish.
Download file: RGT-10mileHuwMinger.gpx

Original code: zjbj5v31EhUu


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