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Imola Road Race World Championship Course 2020

↑ 0501-0750m

Enjoyed the race on the Imola Course during the 2020 UCI Road Racing World Championship? Now you can try it for yourself! Based on the Elite Men road race route,it starts from the F1 track, than heads into the hills. And while these are only “hills”, prepare for some grinding upwards on a 10% gradient for 1+ km! It’s not an easy one, but certainly a rewarding experience! You can even duke it out with others on multi lap races or group rides (at the time of upload 100km / 3 hrs limit for MR), so it’s time to prepare them legs 🙂 Have fun!
Download file: UCI-World-Championship-2020-Imola.gpx

2 reviews for Imola Road Race World Championship Course 2020

  1. Pete Ward

    Great. One lap is enough for me. Couple of places where some very bend smoothing might help my avatar descend like Alaphillipe.

  2. David Obber

    Interesting course, with a good mix of segments. It was strange to see the finish line when the distance counter to the end was about 1 km.

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