Mt Everest – top 3km

↑ 2751-3000m

So in the spirit of the RGT Everesting challenge this is a What If route. I tried to make a road to the top of mount everest based on trying to get roughly a 10% slope path. There wasn’t any rhyme or reason to the start point, i just started from the top, eyeballed 100m distances and manually plotted onto 10m contours, and just saw where the path lead as i descended down 3000m. I then reversed the route and smoothed the gradients and corners, so no need to worry about falling into any crevasses! Also the the final part of the route sprials around the top, the magic roads shoud model a pretty accurate model of everest, if the snow melted and we let some civil engineers loose on it. Hope you enjoy it guys! Route Creator: Brian Keane
Download file: Everest_last_3k_of-Ascent.gpx

Original code: b1sVnmeqPdFj


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