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Sajonia to La Unión

↑ 1001-1250m

The route begins at the junction of the road between the Medellin – Bogota and the country road from St Vincente. The first 18 miles are relatively flat. But the lowest point on the ride is 6,900 ft and the highest 8,325 ft. At the time of writing it is 20C and sunny! We head off in the direction of Medellin along a 4 lane autopista with with a wide ‘berma’at the side. At around 3.5 miles we take a left on the road towards aeropuerto internacional. A series of rolling ramps take us past the aeropuerto going straight on at the ‘glorieta’ at 9.5 miles. Passing a large private hospital on the left we soon hang a right in a couple of miles on a shortcut through the village of Tablazo. This is an area of prosperous gated communities, none more so than the ‘finca’ of Ex Presidente Uribe an allegedly scary General on the right of the political spectrum. After a few bumps in the terrain we rejoin the main road at 15.5 miles and at 17 miles after a short climb we take a left at Glorieta Don Diego where there is a big restuarant. From here we ride to la Ceja a small but busy town where we eventually drop down into the main square ‘El Parque’ for a breakfast of Arepa con queso and agua panela, or if you are me coffee and cake instead! From La Ceja Then we set off for the climb which begins in earnest around mile 26 and climbs 1,300 feet in less than 4 miles – here we reach the top and drop down easily into what used to be a Farc controlled wild west kind of town to end the ride at the centre square of La Union.
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  1. JF

    I can’t wait to ride this but it just shows as pending.

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