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Sparks D’Andrea/Belmar Loop

↑ 0000-0250m

Starting from midway up the D’Andrea Loop. Start out by climbing up and heading towards the D’Andrea Clubhouse. A quick descent into some roundabouts rolls you through the classic Sparks mountainside subdivision. Then it is back up the first half of D’Andrea north leading to a connector parallel to the start/finish line. Some quick rollers leads into the Belmar Climb. The steepest bit of road in Sparks, Nevada means many a selection will be made here. Then a quick descent through a few more roundabouts into the rollers leading to a quick flat finish!
Download file: Final-Sparks-Loop.gpx

Original code: EfpzOhXVszes

1 review for Sparks D’Andrea/Belmar Loop

  1. Ned Bowen

    I made this so I have to give it 5 stars!

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