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Tak ma Doon and Crow Road loop

↑ 0501-0750m

An anti-clockwise loop to the north of Glasgow , Scotland taking in the Tak ma Doon Road and the Crow Road
Download file: crowntaksmooth.gpx

2 reviews for Tak ma Doon and Crow Road loop

  1. Andy Ham

    This is the first magic road I’ve created and as of today 14/12/2020 I’ve not had a chance to test it.
    If anyone happens to be the first please give it an honest review , I won’t be offended.
    I’ve ridden this loop in both directions irl on many occasions. It’s testing without being a total ballbuster.
    Both the Tak and the Crow are always busy with cyclists from the central belt of Scotland looking for a good workout.

  2. Andy Ham

    I finally got round to riding the entire route and I have to say for my first go at making a magic road it’s pretty good with only one minor noodly bit near the start. The rest is nice and smooth with no glitches.

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