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the Heptagon

↑ 0251-0500m

The Heptagon starts with a descent into a fictional canyon, the road winding its way back and forth along 7-sided shapes of increasing dimension. After reaching the canyon floor, cliffs rise upward on each side, as the route completes its descent with a left U-turn at the canyon’s end, then begins climbing back out. The climb starts with the sloped canyon floor, a diminishing sheer cliff rising on the right, until a switchback to the right takes the rider onto the canyon rim. The climb continues here until a first right turn onto the flats, and a second leading immediately to the S/F banner. With the highly variable grade on the climb, this is is a challenging loop: multiple-lap races would be a real test of the ability to sustain multiple hard efforts in a relatively short time.
Download file: heptagon_v3.gpx

Original code: GwZQAQCGiimY

1 review for the Heptagon

  1. Daniel Connelly

    I test rode this and it was a blast. MagicRoads has issues with some routes but this one, I think, was well tuned to its algorithms: the cliff view constantly changed, providing visual context for where I was, something which is often missing in many magic roads with their monotony of trees and occasional goats. In my test race against bots, the varying grade made for good competition, as I was faster on the steep slopes, but they were better on the descents (which were thus challenging), and we were more matched on the flats. So for a virual road, this one played really well, I though. I look forward to doing it with human company. I’ll give it 4 stars since I reserve 5 for real-life routes.

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