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The Pentagon

↑ 0251-0500m

Hidden perhaps in the Saudi Arabian desert, this man-made construction is a real climbing challenge. First scale the inner walls of the Pentagram, a canyon-like structure where the road switchbacks its way of steep cliff faces. Once at the top, you’ll descend the outer slope, eventually returning to the start/finish banner to complete the circuit.
Download file: pentagon_v2.gpx

Original code: YyOmRytHzn24

2 reviews for The Pentagon

  1. Daniel Connelly

    I enjoyed riding this course: it would make a challenging race circuit, with the highly variable grade (it levels out in the turns on the climb, and the descent has a few brief ascents mixed in to keep things interesting). There was one rock formation in the road my avatar rode around, but other than that, RGT Magic Roads seemed to handle the challenging course profile remarkably well.

  2. Robin S

    A really interesting concept and a fun route in practice.

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