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The Spirograph

↑ 0000-0250m

The Spirograph turns ever left, never right, crossing itself countless times over rolling terrain until it returns eventually to the start banner. Try not to get dizzy, and mind the intersections! Samir Dawlatly suggested hypotrochoid equations as a fantasy road case, and this is one result. The many intersections required leveling the altitude, with smooth transitions, before and after. When racing this course, riders ahead or behind may often come into view, given the compact footprint. Altitude was generated with a polynomial multiplied by a Gaussian, so contains various dips and rises, with a peak grade near 7%, so just enough to allow splits to form. The S/F is at the top of one of these hills.
Download file: spirograph_v6.gpx

Original code: Ac8md0ePv50S

1 review for The Spirograph

  1. Daniel Connelly

    This course rode perfectly –smooth climbs and descents, and the intersections even worked well. It’s a bit gimmicky but still fun. I’ll give it 3 stars.

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