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Tianmen Mountain

↑ 0751-1000m

An amazing feat of engineering in China. Dozens of hairpins and a steep finish, this route shows off the best of RGT magic roads. It’s illegal to cycle this in real life, so this is the next best thing! Sam Dawlatly
Download file: Tianmen-Mountain-smoother-3.gpx

5 reviews for Tianmen Mountain

  1. Anonymous

    If you’re looking to get your legs working this is the route for you.

  2. David Batten

    This is a leg burner only glad my trainer only goes up to 20% climb. My legs were burning when I had finished.

  3. Daniel Connelly

    OMG that was epic. I love it how the road is hovering around 19% in the final kilometers, then you hit the steep part.

    The sharp corners have some kinks and ‘folds”, but it’s not a factor climbing, since the speed is low. It’s just aesthetic.

    Otherwise this is a tour de force of the Magic Roads terrain generator. I’d have sworn it was hand-designed.

    The activity in Strava shows much steeper grades on the steep portion at the top. I’m not sure what causes this. Strava stats are 13.73km, 1,061m gained, 966 m net. So it has both less distance and more vertical.

  4. Karl Grundy

    We had a great club ride on here today. What fantastic magic road. The switch backs and scenery were amazing.

    I’m not a climber and live in the flatlands, I hate climbing, but this was great and I really enjoyed it. Thank you for creating this route.

    Definitely recommend it

    3.2W/kg took us 66min

  5. Gary Evans

    Loved it, Brutal , make sure you save something for the end !!

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