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VLF2020 – ST15 – Col du Telegraph & Col du Galibier

↑ 2001-2250m

I’m not even going to try to glamourise today’s stage – two MASSIVE CLIMBS. That’s all you need to know. Good luck.
Download file: VLF2020-ST15-Galibier.gpx

3 reviews for VLF2020 – ST15 – Col du Telegraph & Col du Galibier

  1. David Barber

    Good course and close to the real thing, was actually within 5 mins of my time on real thing.

  2. Stephen

    Very good course. Not done the real thing but this is very well done in magic roads, smooth and no sharp bends

  3. Barra

    Nicely made route, i did it in reverse with 2 long downhills and a little climb in the middle, it was great fun, making you push your power upwards just to go faster. Love it

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