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VLF2020 – ST18 – Mont Vernier

↑ 0501-0750m

Don’t be put off by the circuit name, we’re spared any Alpine crests today other than being surrounded by them. We’re in the lumpy valley terrain, tracing around the river. Smell the super fresh mountain air, the fast feeder streams. But beware the lead up to the finish, that’ll bite.
Download file: VLF2020-ST18-Montvernier.gpx

2 reviews for VLF2020 – ST18 – Mont Vernier

  1. Phil Marler

    Rode this on 30.11.20 and it’s a good challenge. Threw in 20 bots so had some help to draft through some of the flats. Only issue is a roller-coaster style dip at around halfway. Not sure how that made its way in to the route but was over and finished in a split second.

  2. Peter Ryder

    This was fun, I was quite impressed with it. Like in the previous review there was a minor issue just before the 12ml mark, a steep descent followed by a steep ascent but short lived. The blip was not noticeable on the bottom map and hardly visible in the top right immediate terrain map. Not a big issue at all though. Defo worth riding 👍

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